The Quantum Reality and Mind Power

Quantum physics, quantum mechanics, quantum theory, unified quantum field. To scholars and scientists these words indicate a curious set of facts – a little more than ho hum. To deep thinkers, metaphysicians, philosophers, those dedicated to introspection and asking the bigger questions in life, these words conjure a powerful and enthusiastic response. Why the tremendous difference in reactions?

Most scientists are unwilling to consider the possible conclusions and probable implications surrounding quantum theory. The rest of us curious about this phenomenon are able to, unmolested by the scientific establishment, consider the "what ifs".

One of those considerations is the possibility of the mind's affect on quanta; a very good question indeed. To contemplate this properly, you must consider the nature of quanta and separately, the nature of the mind – then compare notes. Both areas are equally mystifying, equally inspiring, and equally confusing. We'll start with quanta.

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What is the scientific nature of Quanta? Quantum is an indivisible entity of energy. Quanta (plural for quantum) are packets of this sub-atomic energy. When we try to look past quanta, it vanishes. Quanta are waves and particles, mass and non-mass, matter and non-matter. It is measurable and immeasurable, real and not real, visible and not visible... all at the same time – inherently dualistic. It is completely "opposite", physical and non-physical, in the same place, space and time, contrary to the current classical (and still widely accepted) laws of physics.

What in the world does any of that have to do with the mind? Well, there's one other point: Quanta, the building blocks of everything in the universe, appear only when we observe it. The very act of observation brings it to life; again standing popular physics on its side. To bring the mind into context, we first must briefly comment on brain function.

The brain, as we all know, is an organ, a collection of neural networks processing information, a mass of molecules performing assessments and sending signals to other areas of the body – countless and endless computations. The question is, computations of what, exactly? Stimulus. What then is stimulus? Generally speaking, if we follow logic, all stimuli are "things" impressing themselves upon the brain and all things are made up of quanta. Quanta are wave and particle, energetic and physical. If we stick with the particle and physical component of quanta (half the equation), we can see that the brain interprets, translates, defines and directs the body to respond to the stimulus of the physical expression of quanta.

The next question then would be 'what is the difference between brain and mind'? The answer, although unscientific, is simple. The brain is a computer. The mind is the thing, or more specifically the person, the true self, operating the computer. You are not your brain; it is only an organ and a tool. The mind is the operator. You are your mind.

This leads us to our final question and answer then: what then does the wave, non-material, non-physical and invisible side (the other half) of quanta impact? It must impact something. It must be in concert with some thing. Or is it someone?

This is where, in theory, the mind (you) and the quantum world meet. Our brains are observing physical quanta and in turn, physical quanta are impacting a thing called the brain. Our minds are in tune with the energy side of quanta which is influencing the person called the mind (or consciousness, if that helps). Actually, our minds are influencing quanta, not the other way around. The natural state of quanta is in pure energy form. It is our brains that collapse the energy form to something we can feel, smell, see, touch and taste in the physical world. The brain interprets it much like a hologram. Our minds always commune with quanta in its energy form. While the brain translates and presents it in a 3 dimensional interpretation, the mind and quantum energy are in contact, simultaneously. There are two worlds around you, operating at the same time. You are in both, even now.

The big question then is: Can the mind change the arrangement of quanta before it is collapsed into physical form by the brain? In other words, can we change what comes into our life; can we alter, completely, our reality and experience? The answer is yes. The quantum world creates the physical world. Rearranging the energy "there" will unquestionably rearrange the physical world – alter the source, alter the flow. The mind communicates directly with quanta; it actually directs quanta, and quanta responds precisely and entirely, without reluctance or delay, to the instructions of the mind. How does the mind actually instruct Quanta? It does this with energized thoughts; thoughts that are infused with emotion. Your "thought feelings" are forming quanta; quanta are creating your reality. Change your energized thoughts, change your world.

That is truly Quantum Mind Power.

Activating Your Quantum Mind Power

Quantum Summary

Wave (or energy) quanta collapses into particle form creating the world as you "see" it. Quanta respond to the mind's direction; more accurately, the mind directs quanta. The mind, through energized thoughts, arranges and rearranges quantum form in its energy state. The mind orchestrates your experience; quantum is the instrument. The observer (mind) and the observed (quanta) are wholly entangled.

When a brain detects quanta it instantly (faster than we can perceive) collapses it to physical form, this is what creates our holographic matrix, the illusion of a 3 dimensional physical world as we see it. Your brain "sees" the result of the quantum form that you've manipulated with your mind. Without a brain to observe, quanta remain in their natural state of pure energy (Side Bar: So, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, it doesn't make a sound).

You are and always have been directly and entirely engineering every detail of your experience. However, most are doing this unconsciously, completely unaware of their extraordinary powers of creation. How then does one do this consciously and deliberately?

To interpret this concept, science must take a back seat (but we'll still bring it along for the ride and ask it for perspective as we go). And we must do two things before we consider actually using our Quantum Mind Power. One, truly understand what Quantum Mind Power isn't. Two, disengage habitual and unconscious quantum creations.

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What Quantum Mind Power Isn't

"Be one with the universe"; "I love myself"; "I have one million dollars"; "I live in a villa in Costa Rica"; this is not Quantum Mind Power (most of the time). These are almost always just affirmations, wishes and even pleas. These do not contain any energy; they are not creations; quanta will not respond. Most individuals do not even understand these words, let alone intend them and feel them when the speak them. This is where the self-help movement falls flat; it doesn't go deep enough. It's not the power of positive thinking; it's actually the power of positive feeling, or quantum direction.

Words and thoughts are nothings. Feelings or energized thoughts are actually things; powerful living entities, traveling outwards from you at near the speed of light, searching to connect with energy existing at the same vibration, and then, to arrange it and draw it back toward the sender. All energized thoughts have vibrations; these vibrations have frequencies. The frequencies of those vibrations depend on whether the charged thoughts are positive or negative. The frequency is the speed at which your thoughts vibrate, or repeat themselves. It is your vibrational frequency that your mind creates through thought feelings that generates your experience. Everything else is neutral, unable to influence or create anything.

Disengaging your limiting, habitual Quantum Mind

Just because you didn't consciously intend it, doesn't mean that you didn't create it. Our unconscious and subconscious are the bridge from brain to mind. Unconscious and subconscious are more subtle, distinctly more powerful than the brain, yet less so than the true mind. Ponder for a moment the prefix un- and sub-. Have you ever wondered why these levels of consciousness are at un- and sub- levels? Have you considered that they don't have to be?

The true Quantum Mind Power master will reorganize his multiple levels of consciousness into one. Some speculate that we have, over time, fractured our consciousnesses, in an attempt to cope with being energetic entities living in a physical world. I believe that in this universe, in this existence, in this dimension, collectively, we have never merged them. We are, perhaps for the first time, considering the possibility of collapsing our fragmented consciousness into one. This may be our next evolutionary step. There have been many that have come before us who have been able to do this. Our "sacred" texts tell stories of such men and women. And if you decipher the parables in these teachings you will find a common theme, the instructions to do just that; to merge many minds into one, creating a harmonious, pure and supreme Quantum Mind.

Before we wield our mind power, we must correct its unconscious abuses, its unwitting quantum causations. Our subconscious and unconscious minds are constantly manifesting, mostly chaos. It is the repetitions of the ancient and fearful reptilian brain that impress upon and affect our subconscious and unconscious. A comedian once commented, "I always thought that the brain was the most important thing. Then I remembered what told me that".

While the brain itself is unable to do anything but analyze and send signals to the body, its messages, normally of fear and lack and judgment, register over time and through repetition, with the higher consciousness. The result is that these levels of consciousness, impacted by the ranting of the brain, order the sub-atomic possibilities to organize and manifest to bring us more fear and lack and judgment. While thoughts themselves are not important, repetitive thoughts will eventually lead to energized thoughts and the cycle continues; the creator unaware that he/she is creating.

If you thought nothing at all, ever, nothing would happen. Think about that: If you thought nothing, nothing would happen. That means that all the suffering, lack, hate, fear and panic would vanish, if you just stopped thinking. Your brain, trying to figure out a problem, for which it is 99.9% wrong about things that are not actually problems 99% of the time, sooner or later gives that problem energy, which ultimately creates more of same, perpetuating the original problem (that probably wasn't actually a problem to begin with). Sound insane? Yes you are!

Do you really want Quantum Mind Power? If so, you must first take responsibility for what you do currently, mostly unconsciously. It's not so much that you don't create what you want, it's that you often create exactly what you don't want, proportionate to the energy you give it, unconsciously.

Stop thinking (as much)!

Using Your Quantum Mind Power

Quantum Summary

Quantum is an indivisible entity of energy. Quanta (plural for quantum) are packets of this sub-atomic energy. Quanta are waves and particles, mass and non-mass, matter and non-matter. It is measurable and immeasurable, real and not real, visible and not visible... all at the same time – inherently dualistic. It is completely "opposite", physical and non-physical, in the same place, space and time, contrary to the current classical laws of physics. The quantum world creates the physical world.

The mind communicates directly with quanta; it actually directs quanta, and quanta responds precisely and entirely, without reluctance or delay, to the instructions of the mind. How does the mind actually instruct Quanta? It does this with energized thoughts; thoughts that are infused with emotion. Your "thought feelings" are forming quanta; quanta are creating your reality. Indirectly, yet completely, you are designing your experience in every minute detail.

How fast is fast and how far is far?

The speed of light in a vacuum (a volume of space that is essentially void of matter) is more than 186,000 miles per second or about 700 million miles an hour. This speed, quantified by Einstein and accepted by classical physics, is the fastest speed at which anything can travel. 700 million miles an hour is pretty fast; or is it? Relative to the size of the earth, it's very fast. Relate it to the universe and it's another story.

Scientists have stated that the diameter of the universe is somewhere between 20 billion light years and... trillions of light years! So, traveling at the speed of light, 700 million miles an hour, it would take 20 billion to several trillion years to traverse the universe, from one side to the other (that's if the diameter of the universe is in fact finite). NASA reported that in 1999 the Hubble Space Telescope estimated that there are more than 125 billion galaxies in the universe. The closest galaxy to ours is Andromeda, 2.5 million light years away. If we were able to put a person in a space craft and send them at near the speed of light (which is not physically possible with today's technology), it would take almost 3 million years for that person to leave our own galaxy and enter Andromeda, the closest of more than 125 billion galaxies. Still think the speed of light is fast?

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Now, you're ready for...

The Quantum Wonder

The Quantum Wonder: Non-locality and Quantum Entanglement.

Speed is a calculation of distance over time in the physical world. So, what if something is not physical? Does it move across space? Does it always and only move across space? Does space even exist, or exist in the way that we think it does, on the pure energy side of things?

Experiments have indicated that standard quantum mechanics exhibits the property of non-locality. Non-locality, by definition, is the correlation between separated parts of an entangle quantum system across space-like separations. In lay terms it means, communications between two quantum objects appear to happen at faster than the speed of light, or superluminally; impossible in the classic physics model.

John G. Cramer of the University of Washington wrote:

"[non-locality is] the mysterious ability of nature to enforce correlations between separated but entangled parts of a quantum system that are out of speed-of-light contact, to reach faster-than-light across vast spatial distances or even across time itself to ensure that the parts of a quantum system are made to match."

Albert Einstein despised quantum theory; he dismissed it and argued against it mostly because it contradicted many of his theories and generally speaking, how he felt a proper physical universe ought to behave. Over many years he constructed a list of objections to quantum mechanics; one of those objections is what he called "spooky actions at a distance". This "spookiness" Einstein spoke of is now commonly referred to as non-locality.

As strange as non-locality may be, it is a fact of quantum systems which has been demonstrated repeatedly in lab experiments.

Quanta are entangled; everything is quanta; everything is entangled. Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects are connected even though the objects are spatially separated. This allows for faster-than-light and/or backward-in-time communication.

Scientists have been able to create a scenario where two particles in a single quantum state, when one is observed to spin-up, the other one will always be observed to spin-down and vice versa. They took the particles over a short distance and changed the spin of one and the other reversed its spin instantly. They enlarged the distance to miles, then hundreds of miles, then thousands of miles; the results were the same. When they reversed the spin of one, the other particle responded in kind, in faster-than-light or backward-in-time fashion.

Theoretically, non-locality and quantum entanglement principles permit that if we placed one particle on one side of the universe and the other on the other side, and "flicked" the rotation of one in the opposite direction, the other would reverse its spin instantly. In other words, the particles would communicate with each other, over potentially trillions of light years, faster than we could detect. Still think light is fast?

Activating Conscious Quantum Mind Power

You're not actually activating your mind power. It's already active; it's just out of control.

In 1975 Adam Smith wrote in Powers of Mind:

"The critics of the quantum physicists, fifty years ago [in 1925], used to call it "atomysticism". The atom had been the building block of our universe, and Heisenberg wrote: "An atom is not a [physical] thing. When we get down to the atomic level, the objective world in space and time no longer exists, and the mathematical symbols of theoretical physics refer merely to possibilities, not facts"… an atom is not a [physical] thing, it is only a possibility, and we are all made up of atoms."

Sub-atomic energies are not physical things, but possibilities. And we can move these possibilities with our minds, which in turn will reconstruct the physical expression of quanta on this side of reality. If sub-atomic energies are truly (infinite) possibilities, which science has proven, then it is we that decide which possibility will occur. You activate Quantum Mind Power by merely being aware that it exists.

Using Quantum Mind Power

To apply this science personally, to use your Conscious Quantum Mind Power follow these 4 steps: 1) Stop practicing affirmations (this should stop 90%+ of people in their tracks) 2) Stop thinking about what you don't want and generally reduce the number of thoughts you have (what's so important anyway?; plus, know that often you're creating what you don't want) 3) Know what you do want and focus on it, charge those thoughts with emotion. 4) Then, the masters step: Embrace the reality! Take the words, concepts and images in this message and make them part of your experience. All that's been described is swirling around you right now; you choose whether to engage it or not. You can't "see" it (yet), but you can still control it. Understand and believe that you are inextricably entangled with the energy that you need to create anything, in this moment. The only limitation is your belief of what's possible and what's not. Quanta does not understand time, nor comprehend the limitations of a physical world with physical laws. It is infinite energy, in infinite dimensions, in infinite space, in the absence of time, simply waiting to be directed... by you.

So, in your prayers or meditations or visualizations or holocreations, simply take the pictures you now have of this reality, the quantum reality, and move them into what you imagine now. Re-read these words (and read other writings on the subject) and build the images with more and more clarity and vibrancy; images of the quantum world, you as director. Imagine engaging and directing quanta while entangled with it. Quanta will collapse to physical form and you will experience, in every detail, the life you've always dreamt of.


Take care, James Wallace

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